The Idea

Nutribox project

The idea and project NUTRIBOX eathinking developed by researchers at CNR-ISPA under the guidance of Dr. Linda Monaci, was born during the pandemic emergency from a careful analysis of changes in food and socio-economic consumption imposed by the exceptional period we have experienced. This period has indeed led to numerous changes in consumers’ lives, food habits and purchasing methods, significantly accelerating the growth of online trade.

It has also been recorded an increase in the incidence of metabolic diseases related to incorrect and disordered nutrition and lack of physical activity. In this context, the population segment most affected is represented by vulnerable subjects (with co-morbidities) and vulnerable categories that need to adhere to a diet free of ingredients considered harmful for them and favoring, instead, the consumption of healthy foods. Therefore, within the scope of the ICONSS and Nutribox projects (ref. 20431 and 20431-21) both co-funded by EIT Food and of which CNR is a strategic partner, an innovative e-commerce platform NUTRIBOX eathinking has been developed able to intercept the needs of consumers with pathologies, specific nutritional needs, and/or attentive to a healthy lifestyle by directing them to “VIRTUAL SHELVES” containing food products with high standards of quality and safety and nutritionally balanced.