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What are food allergens?

FOOD ALLERGENS Authored by Rosa Pilolli (ISPA-CNR) WHAT? Food allergens are ingredients or substances that may represent a safety risk for sensitized and genetically predisposed individuals upon ingestion. Food allergies may occur when the ingested allergen triggers a cascade of adverse reactions of the immune...


The bioactive components of food

POLYPHENOLS Authored by Angela Cardinali e Antonella Garbetta (ISPA-CNR) The phenolic compounds are markers of resistance to different types of biotic and abiotic stress. Many polyphenols, in particular phenolic acids, are directly involved in the response of plants to different types of stress: they contribute to the healing and...


Functional foods

Why recommend a diet based on functional foods? Authored by Angela Cardinali e Antonella Garbetta (ISPA-CNR) In recent years, the concept of "food" submitted a radical transformation attributing to food, in addition to their nutritional and sensorial properties, also an important role in maintaining health, psycho-physical well-being and in...


Cereals and derivates

Wholemeal flours: friends or foe. No panic! We have the solution Authored by dr. Leonardo Caputo (ISPA-CNR)   The consumption of wholegrain or minimally refined flours from cereals and legumes has increased significantly in the last decade, driven mostly by their nutritional value (high fiber content), by associated health claims...

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