The Nutribox eathinking project developed by CNR-ISPA researchers and led by Dr. Linda Monaci, took its origin during pandemics upon a careful observation in the change of eating habits of the population, setting a new trend in making shopping and pushing toward an explosion of e-commerce platforms to buy items and foods. 

In the same period between 2020-2021 there has been recorded also an increase of dimetabolic diseases due to the reduced physical activity and the recourse to highly caloric and sometimes unhealthy food, worsening the medical picture of consumers already affected by cardiovadscular or dismetabolic diseases.

In addition this trend inparticlar penalised vulnerable consumers that were instead obliged to follow a more stringent and healty diet.

In the frame of ICONSS and NUTRIBOX projects (ref. 20341 and 203431-21) co-funded by EITFood and led by CNR, it was conceived and developed an innovative e-commerce platform NUTRIBOX eathinking capable of meeting dietary needs of vulnerable and non vulnerable consumers. The idea is to redirect each consumer sterotype, upon filling the nutritional survey, toward the most appropriate virtual shelf or nutribox: this will allow consumers to have access to the specific nutribox containing the safest food appropriate for them along with all nutritional informations, as well as to have access to nutrionally-balanced diets.  

AUTHORS CNR: Linda Monaci & Laura Quintieri

CO-partners: CNR-ISPA; EITFood, InnovationLab, NX-Food, Sfera.


  1. Protect consumers health with regard to the vulnerable categories thanks to the consultation of a panel of experts
  1.  Assist in the food selection more appropriate and healthy;
  1. Promote new eating styles and consumers habits; 
  1. Facilitate and help consumers in picking up the best food choice from the shelf alccording the new trends of  «click and delivery service»


Each NUTRIBOX is inteded as a friendly tip for assiting you in your shopping to populate your trolley wiuth the safest and hetlehier food appropriate for you need and diatery restrictions. 

Foods have been selected according to the nutritional properites and the micor and macronuutrient composition. There are also interedsting tips from experts on the platform and scientific article to be downloeaded from the way by clicking on the link.

Let me introduce the 9 NUTRIBOX:

NUTRIBOX STANDARD for consumers without dietary restrictions or requirements. Focus has been placed on valorization of foods of nutraceutical significance, rich in fibre and beneficial compounds for improving human health.

NUTRIBOX NO MILK for allergic to MILK including foods without milk ingredients and products thereof

NUTRIBOX GLUTEN FREE containing foods without cereals containing glutin.

NUTRIBOX VEGETARIANS containing a selection of foods including plant-based products and excluding animal products.

NUTRIBOX NO EGG for allergic to EGG including foods without traces of egge and products thereof.

NUTRIBOX for obeses for those overweight or obeses.

NUTRIBOX FOR DIABETICS containing foods with low and medium gycemic index placing , foods with reduced level of sugar, fat, sodium and high fibre content.  

NUTRIBOX for kids (divided in: infants 0-2 years old, prescholar 3-5 years old, scholar 6-12 years old)

NUTRIBOX SPORT for athletes, people often praticing sport more enriche with proteins at higher digestibility.