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The Institute of Food Production Sciences (ISPA), member of the Department of Bio-Agroalimentary Sciences (DISBA) of the National Research Council (CNR), is a reality of excellence, internationally recognized, which operates in the sector of research, innovation and technology transfer for the improvement of the quality and safety of agri-food products. By carrying out synergistic actions between scientific and industrial research with the transfer of scientific acquisitions, it supports technological innovation paths of small, medium and large national and foreign companies in the agri-food sector. The institute is made up of various territorial units that work in close synergy with each other to improve the quality and efficiency of the activities carried out. The main office is located in Bari and other 5 units are distributed throughout the national territory, Lecce, Foggia, Milan, Turin, Sassari. The institute has about 200 permanent staff (researchers, technologists, technical and administrative collaborators) to which are added various professional figures for a fixed term (research fellows, researchers and technical collaborators for a fixed term) and personnel in training (curricular trainees and post-graduate students).

Let’s introduce the NUTRI-BOX:

Within the ICONSS project, cofunded by EIT Food where CNR is a key partner, the concept of virtual shelf has been developed containing long half life food products endowed with high higiene and safety standard  and nutritionally balanced and safe from a microbiological point of view.

The selection of these products aims at answering nutritional needs of consumers with specific dietery needs and also addressing vulnerable categories of consumers.

The six identified categories will be: allergics, celiacs, diabetics in addition to vegetarian and standard consumers.

Each nutribox has been conceived based on a scientific background and knowledge availble and will target specific categories of consumers. In addition each food will be integrated with a scientific advice motivating the choice of including that food into the condumers’ diet.

The food will be also linked to selected scientific papers describing the advantages of including that food into the diet and the relevant benefits on consumer health.

The scientific advice will also motivate the choice for that food and will also contain nutritional information about the micro and macronutrients composition and the characteristics of the food.

Find here following the six nutribox deviced: marked as scientific tip! 


NUTRIBOX STANDARD for consumers without dietary restrictions or requirements. Focus has been placed on valorization of foods of nutraceutical significance, rich in fibre and beneficial compounds for improving human health. 


NUTRIBOX NO MILK for allergic to MILK including foods without milk ingredients and products thereof


NUTRIBOX GLUTEN FREE containing foods without cereals containing glutin.


NUTRIBOX NO UOVA for allergic to EGG including foods without traces of egge and producs thereof.


NUTRIBOX FOR DIABETICS containing foods with low and medium gycemic index placing attention on the selection of foods with reduced level of sugar, fat, sodium and high fibre content.  


NUTRIBOX VEGGY for vegetarians containing a selection of foods including plant-based products and excluding animal products.

AUTORI CNR: Linda Monaci, Laura Quintieri, Elisabetta De Angelis, Rosa Pilolli, Antonella Garbetta, Antonella Lamonaca, Domenico Genchi (supporto informatico). 






NUTRIBOX for MILKY for allergic to MILK .






NUTRIBOX EGGY for allergic to EGG .



NUTRIBOX DIA for diabetics




NUTRIBOX VEGGY for vegetarians.