Before all we are people and passionate researchers, we are a great working group!

The Institute of Sciences of Food Production (ISPA), part of DISBA department of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR), is a center of excellence, internationally recognized, which operates in the sector of research, innovation and technology transfer for the improvement of the quality and safety of agri-food products. 

By carrying out synergistic actions between scientific and industrial research with the transfer of scientific acquisitions, it supports technological innovation paths of small, medium and large national and foreign companies in the agri-food sector.

The institute is made up of six territorial units that work in close synergy with each other to improve the quality and efficiency of the activities carried out. The main office is located in Bari and other 5 units are distributed throughout the national territory, Lecce, Foggia, Milan, Turin, Sassari. The institute has about 200 permanent staff (researchers, technologists, technical and administrative collaborators) beyond additional various professional figures for a fixed term (research fellows, researchers and technical collaborators for a fixed term) and personnel in training (curricular trainees and post-graduate students). The institutes is leader of several EU Project including: MycoRed, Mycokey, Food4You, ThrAll, Nutribox etc. and of several national funded projects and is partner of numerous international and national projects in many sectors of food quality and safety field. 

In particular ISPA was key partner in the ICONSS project (ref. 20431) funded by EITFood under the fast track innovation call 2020 and is currently coordinator of the NUTRIBOX project leading  the consortium built around private companies and start-ups including NX-Food, InnovationLab and Sfera aiming at optimizing and upgrading the NUTRIBOX e- commerce platform (ref 20431-21).
EIT Food is Europe’s leading food innovation initiative, working to make the food system more sustainable, healthy and trusted.

Nutribox Project (ref. 20431 and 20431-21)

NUTRIBOX is an innovative e-commerce prototype developed under the EITFood funded project under the fast track innovation action 2021 ready for launching the NUTRIBOX e-commerce platform coordinated by Dr. Linda Monaci and in collaboration with researchers from ISPA – CNR. 
The platform aims at – safeguarding consumers’ health with special regard to vulnerable  – assist in healthier and safer food selections – favoring new consumer habits and purchase trends– facilitate selection of food products from virtual shelves also pointing at click and collect or click and delivery service models. It offers a smart, quick, and easy approach to operate nutritionally balanced and healthy food choices targeting several categories of consumers thanks also to the consultation of an advisory board of experts in the nutrition and medical field.