Selected products for special categories of consumers

The well being starts..
From well eating

Our mission

protect the health of consumers with particular regard to vulnerable categories

assist in food choices deemed most suitable and healthy

inform the consumer about the quality and benefits of the selected items

facilitate and assist in the selection of food products from the shelf by exploiting the new “click trends and delivery service”

Project collaborators

Dott.ssa Linda Monaci Research Director CNR-ISPA Project Coordinator and Manager for NUTRIBOX
Dott.ssa Laura Quintieri CNR-ISPA Research Leader NUTRIBOX Project Coordinator and Manager NUTRIBOX Project Activities Representative
Sfera Informatica & Strumentazione S.r.l The company was founded in 1998 from the spin-off of a group of resources that provided IT maintenance services, at a national level. The purpose of the company is to represent a System Integrator to carry out sales and technical assistance activities both in the field of computer science and in the industrial field. The services offered are designed for the integration of information systems: networks, equipment and systems present in private companies and public entities. The team of IT experts provides the design of an information architecture, functional to the different needs of each customer.
EIT Food The European Institute of technological innovation applied to the food system is supported by the EUROPEAN UNION and promotes innovation of food products by increasing connections and fostering dialogue among different stakeholders and actors on an international level, such as industry, research entities, consumers, innovators, academia, etc. It stimulates new ideas and promotes the creation of start-ups and enterprise.
innovation lab It is a young start-up that offers consulting in the field of product and process innovation, with a particular focus on marketing strategies, training, dissemination, promotion of interactive design techniques through multimedia channels and the use of digital technologies tailored to the needs of different types of clients.

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